App Features

Ignite’s goal is to provide you with all of the features you need to manage & improve your online coaching business in one system. We promise you that we’ll improve Ignite to meet your coaching and business needs without including overly complicated and unnecessary features that needlessly waste your time and cost you money.

Full Coach’s Suite

Simple, efficient and effective business dashboard

Comprehensive Product Capabilities

Workout programs, Memberships, E-books, lead magnets, 1:1 coaching

Workout Builder

Build efficiently and deliver automatically also includes workout tagging for organization and databasing

In-App Client Tracking

You and your clients will see how they’re doing in app also track their workout and score history.

Workout scoreboard and gamification

Have more fun with your clients.

In-App Community

Stop burning time managing a clunky Facebook Group.

In-App Private Messaging

1:1 and 1:many broadcast messaging. Don’t want to chat 1:1? No problem, you can turn it off.

Full Media Library

Upload videos or Link to YouTube videos online and include them in your workout programs and/or community or messages.

Automated email sequences

Client birthdays, anniversaries, surveys, etc...pre-built. Connect your emails with your memberships to automate their sendouts.

Automated product links

Sell your products online with full integration and automation.

In-App Billing

No need to set up a separate billing system outside of your workout builder! Automate your client’s monthly billing and collection process.

Revenue and financial metrics.

Never wonder where your business is anymore.

Clear retention and client insight analytics

See where you are and how to improve your retention and client experience.

Client contracts and waivers

All part of the client sign up process.

Alerts and notification systems

Keep your clients in the know without the manual work.