Save time, make more money & impress your online fitness clients

The only system you need to coach and manage your online fitness clients

Automate your entire client experience

Easily sell, bill, and deliver client programs with no manual work

Enjoy your own Client & Community App

Use Ignite’s technology to build your own world-class client app.

Track your entire client experience and business

With pre-built and custom analytics, you’ll never again guess how you’re performing.

Why Ignite?

Built and perfected by some of the best in the online coaching game, Ignite gives you all of the tools you need to brilliantly automate & manage your client’s entire experience within one outstanding system

Ignite Is The All-in-One Answer To Online Coaching

Ignite is a fully integrated system that offers you a best in class experience for owners, coaches, and clients. Ignite builds and manages every aspect of a client’s fitness journey into one extraordinary experience.

Uplevel your coaching process and your client results

Design workouts with Ignite’s one of a kind workout builder that allows you to program workouts quickly as well as track client data effectively and efficiently Deliver client workouts through your own white labeled app (and/or email + the web) Enhance client experience with workout scoreboards and gamification Track client workout results and trends to efficiently make sure your clients always progress

Enhance your client communication like you’ve never experienced before

Upgrade client and coach communication through Ignite’s in-app online community - No need to deal with the annoyances of Facebook Groups. Ignite automatically adds and removes clients so you don’t have to waste your time manually managing the group Communicate with 1:1 and 1:many messaging directly through the Ignite app - don’t want to chat 1:1? No problem, you can turn it off so that clients can’t see it Automate your client lifecycle with automated email sequences that connect with your products so that you don’t have to spend any time sending emails to your clients

Maximize your revenue and your client retention without manual client operations

Enjoy automated product links so you can sell your products online. Full connected billing, financial metrics and clear retention and client insight analytics Refine your client alerts with Ignite’s notification systems Stop wasting time using multiple systems. Amp up your client revenue and retention without sacrificing your time with Ignite!

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