Zapier - Integrating with your mail server

Initial Setup - Only required for first zap

From the side menu, navigate to Management -> Gym Preferences.


Setting up the Zap

Go to Zapier.

In the search bar, type “boxscore” and select the most recent version

If you have not authenticated before, you will see a screen like this. Use the token from the “Initial Setup” section and click “Yes, Continue”

Set up your trigger like this:

Click “Continue”:

Select the app to integrate with. In this example I use Gmail:

Click “Continue”

Match all the fields from Boxscore to your mail server. You most likely will be interested in the following: toEmailAddresses ccEmailAddresses bccEmailAddresses emailContent text/plain or text/html (this tells the email client whether your emails are plain text or html emails) subject

Click “Finish”