Creating a Workout

From the side menu, navigate to Coaching -> Workout Builder.

Click the “Add Workout Part” button on the appropriate day. This will reveal a sidebar where you can create a workout part.

Workouts can have multiple parts. Think of a part as any portion of the workout that receives its own score. Frequently workout programs will have a strength portion and a metcon which are scored separately.

Score types can be For Weight, For Time, For Rounds and Reps, For Reps, For Distance, For Weight w/ sets, No Score, Comments only.

At least two divisions are required. For most gyms this will be the default “Rx” and “Scaled”. Contact info@boxscorefitness.com if you have specific needs and we can create custom divisions for your gym!


For your convenience, you can import any of the “girl” workouts or the “hero” wods from our pre-built selection of benchmarks. If you check the benchmark checkbox, you can create your own gym specific benchmarks.


Tags are the searchable terms that you want to associate with this workout. By default, all the movements in the description will be added. You can remove or add additional tags as you see fit.

Publishing a workout

After saving a workout it is in the draft state. Click the eyeball when you are ready from it to move from “Draft” to “Live”. At this point it will be visible to all coaches and managers.

To prevent athletes from cherry-picking workouts, we hide the workout until 7 PM the night before the WOD. This can be overwritten in your gym preferences screen.